5 Simple Tips for Successful Auto Paint Removal

5 Simple Tips for Successful Auto Paint Removal

There are a number of different methods of auto restoration paint removal. You can do all the paint stripping yourself, and then have someone repaint the car. The goal is to remove all the paint without damaging the car panels.

Here are a few of the many ways you can carry out car paint stripping (warning….some of them may cause you to spill your beer!!!!):

Hand Sanding

There is an advantage to this method of car paint removal…Its probably way cheaper than the other methods….BUT…this one will take a LOT of hard work. If you like spending all weekends of the month sweating in your garage (while guzzling copious amounts of beer in the muggy Houston weather) then this one may just work for you.


You can have a sandblaster come and strip all the paint off your car, there will be not much labor expenditure from your side…BUT… sandblasting causes heat that may warp your sheet metal. Not only that sandblasting makes an almighty mess and there will be sand stuck in every nook and cranny. Also if you have tis done at home your wife and neighbors will not be too happy with all the dust clouds that will form over your head (plus the dust will get in your beer, and who likes crunchy beer? So while this is an option you should consider the downsides before heading in this direction.

Chemical Strippers

If you are a novice automotive paint remover that is having fun with a weekend project then this method may work for you. You will need a well ventilated area to do your paint stripping and you will have to apply multiple coats of chemical stripper to get the paint off. While this method does work there will be chemicals dripping all over the place and that creates fumes (and how can you enjoy your beer when it tastes like the Chernobyl explosion in your mouth?).

Mechanical Drill Paint Strippers

Mechanical drill strippers attach to a drill or a stripping machine, so you can do this all on your own. however just like hand sanding this method will take a lot of sweat equity and you also have to maintain a very specific RPM on the drill or else you could possibly damage the underlying sheet metal. Again unless you are a glutton for punishment we would recommend you have someone else do all the hard work (while you observe with a chilly one in your hand of course)

Dustless Blasting

Now we come to the King Of All Automotive Paint Stripping methods…Dustless Blasting!!!!! Ok I am a little biased here, but hell check this video for yourself if you don’t believe me.

So you are pretty impressed right???!!!???

Not only will this save you tons of sweat equity but it will also eliminate the mess and fuss of sandblasting and will not contaminate your beer with chemicals (because no-one wants a dust bomb going off in their mouth!!!). Dustless Blasting uses water with granulated recycled bottle glass as the stripping media, this is a 100% inert material. Because of the water there is no dust plume like sandblasting, the water reduces surface temperature so there is no warping of the sheet metal, the blasting media gets grounded by the water so some simple plastic sheeting captures all the mess, and this method is fast.

Take a look at how this works, your entire car can be stripped down to bare metal in less than a day. Also with the addition of some simple rust inhibitor there will be no rust for 72 hours so you can get to priming and painting without concern about rust forming.

Check out Dustless Blasting for yourself,  contact us so Houston Dustless Blasting can take a look at how we can solve your automotive paint stripping problem.

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